About the comic

Based on the stories from our RPG, this web comic book is the result of our desire to see the adventures and misadventures of our characters come to life.
Set in a secret world of darkness inhabited by vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the supernatural universe, this story focuses on two cities - Lucca and Pisa (located in Tuscany, Italy) - who are old enemies over past disagreements and frequently face-off in a series of predominantly bloody clashes.
Lucca, obedient to the rules imposed by Florence (a governing city where a wealthy society of vampires lives), drove out all the vampires who did not conform to the rules for their insubordination. This group of banished vampires, who now live in Pisa, have begun reorganizing their ranks as they plan to seek revenge for wrongs suffered. Meanwhile in Lucca, they have their own troubles as a recent series of strange events and suspicious deaths worries the entire Grand Lodge.
As this situation develops, other figures begin to populate the zone between the two cities. This small gang of independent vampires, however, has no allegiance to either city and daringly creates problems for them both with their unscrupulous behavior.

War is more alive than ever in these nights of darkness, and no one is safe.

Purpurea Noxa: the meaning

Purpurea Noxa is the fusion of two latin words. Purpurea refers to the color "dark red" or "crimson" and is obviously related to the color of blood. Noxa have a multiple meanings, it means damage, harm but was also used to indicate, guilt, crime, sin, punishment and in some documents is also linked to the diseases. With these two words we tried to summarize what for us is means being a vampire. Besides the advantages due to the power that a vampire gain, there are a bunch of handicaps that cannot be avoided. The sun, the fire and the true faith, are only some of them; your true enemy is yourself. The hunger and the inner beast are always on alert and ready to take over on you. It's a sin, it's a fault, it's a disease. It's a curse tied to the blood, their source of life and, at same time, of damnation. If you want you could read "Purpurea Noxa" like "Crimson Disease"