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And here we are, this is the last page of chapter one!

Now we are working on the printed version of this first chapter in italian because there will be a big convention at the end of the month. For the english version, well... we are thinking to try with a crowdfunding, we'll let you know after the con :)

For who have difficult to read the letter:

I’m sorry.
I know that it may seems empty word, but I’m truly sorry.
I truly regret to have abused, teased, annoyed, insulted and even beaten you.
I must stop beating around the bush: I was a piece of shit.
My head is all fucked up and I don't know how to get through it, but I'm sure of three things: I will not be an asshole anymore, I will not let anyone treat you like in the past and I will try to be myself every day a little bit more. I always thought that there was something wrong with me. Well… no one looks kindly upon a relationship between two men. If they are called inverted, I'm sure that there must be a reason, right?
But, if you think that it is not so horrible, if just only one person think that I’m not wrong, well… maybe I’m really not.
I was -and I’m still- afraid, but this can not justify my behavior. From now on, I will do my best in order to make sure what we have experienced this year does not happen again.
I'm sure that my mere words will not fix anything between us, but this is a promise that I will keep whatever happens, so I’ll show you that I really have changed.
I’m happy that you gave me again the chance to get closer to you.

Thanks, Wil.

PS: I know that these books cannot replace those you lost, but I hope you can accept them anyway.
PPS: About the daisies, well… Do you think I could call you Desy? It’s sounds like Daisy! Don’t you think that it is a cute, short name?!