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Ok guys! This is the last page of the first chapter!
At the beginning, we weren't sure of being able to finish it, but now we're so much happy to see the end of our first serious work T_T *touched* We must say thanks to all of you for the support, without which we wouldn't be able to finish. Thanks dear, from the depths of our hearts! We love you! <3 <3 <3

Now, we will take a little "break" (we will work anyway XD). During this period we'll work for try to printing this first volume and to the preparation of the second chapter. Inside the first volume there will be special illustration and other drawings; but don't worry, soon we will tell you exactly what's coming inside ^__^
Then, we hope that this break not bored you too much, we'll try to come back as soon as possible.

In the main time we want remind to you the other websites where you could follow us:

Yaoi!Gallery (Vèna's account)

Stay tuned!