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Meaning of some words used in this page.

First of all, in our setting (based on VtM) there are two sects: Sabbat (the Pisa group) and Camarilla (the Lucca group).

  • CAMARILLA: The largest of vampiric sects, an organization which represents and protects all vampires by keeping their existence hidden from humans.

  • SABBAT: Opposite to Camarilla, is a sect that declare the supremacy of vampires on humans and see them simply as food.

  • PRISCUS: An advisor to the local Sabbat authority figures, with no formal role in sect politics but great practical influence. Javier is looking for him as we say in some old pages.

Thanks for your patience dear! As soon as possible we will pubblish a short version of the explanations that are in the paper version of the Chapter 3!