The Vampires Clans


The clan of the assassins that can use blood as a weapon and can easily hide their presence or changing their appearance. Unlike other vampires, they become darker as the years pass. They don’t belong to any one sect, but may work for both.


Aggressive baboons without brains. This is how the other vampires would describe the Brujah. But beyond that simple brute strength (their main discipline), there is true dedication towards the any cause they are involved in but it is not easy for them to control their rage.


The ‘beasts’ of the bloodsucker family. They can transform themselves into animal to attack or to run away. They are not related to the Werewolves; they are not even distant cousins! If they lose control during their transformation some parts of their body can keep the animal form.


Necromancers that do strange rituals, eat soups made of corpses and conjure ghosts. This clan has always ruled Venice, like a closely linked family connected by incest, blood pacts, subterfuge and back-stabbing. They don’t belong to any one sect.


Founders of the Sabbat within the Tzimisce, they are the masters of the shadows. They can shape them at their will and use it both for attack or defence. And those most expert can transform themselves into the shadows as well. Their image is not reflected.


Master of the mental disciplines, they can bring anyone on the brink of madness and push him over with a light touch. Every Malkavian is incurably insane. Split-personalities, schizophrenia, obsessions and paranoia characterize every vampire of this Clan.


When they were embraced, their body degenerated to the point of becoming almost unrecognizable to the way they previously were as a human. They live in the sewers and in the dark places, and have developed disciplines that allow them to hide and spy like excellent whistle-blowers.


Scammers, charlatans, thieves, gamblers and the scum of society all gathered together in one Clan. Their powers are made of illusions that at high level become real and deatly. They are totally unable to resist their vices and don't belongs to any sect.

Followers of Set

Called also Setites, they use use any means from seduction to money, from power to vitae, to gain control. They can transform their body like snakes but the thing you must have the greatest fear of is their forked tongue with which they can bring anyone on the road of depravity.


Degenerates, artists, posers, hedonists they knows how to be elegant and magnificent, brilliant and ridiculous, or dreamers and depraved. They don't like fights and are more linked with the mortal world than other vampires due to their passion for arts. When something or someone attracts them, they just freeze and stare at him.


They are the only vampires able to use magic. Fire, water and even the blood, are all objects of their complicated thaumaturgic rituals. The structure of their clan is so strict that the youngest is forced to drink the blood of the elderly in order to connect to them with greater devotion.


They have the ability of modify bodies, their own and of others, by creating monstrous compositions of living flesh. They can melt skin, twist bones, or tear the flesh. The most experts can also turn into horrible monsters as they wish.


They are the hand that guides and governs the Camarilla. Their disciplines focus on giving orders that cannot be contradicted, as well as altering the thoughts and feelings of anyone in front of them. They can only be fed with the blood of well selected prey.